Draymond Green Finally Shares What He Was Telling Kevin Durant In That Iconic GIF

draymond green kevin durant gif meme

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We’ve all seen the GIF of Draymond Green passionately talking to and poking Kevin Durant in the chest during a game hundreds of times over the years. Forget the fact the Warriors won back-to-back titles when KD was on the roster, what everyone remembers from his stint in the Bay is this GIF right here.

kevin durant draymond green gif

The GIF immediately blew up when it originally hit the interwebs, but it’s still one of the all-time greats with people captioning whatever the hell they want in regards to what Green is shouting to Durant.

We hadn’t known the real story behind the iconic moment until now as Green finally shared what he was saying to Durant during an appearance on Durant’s ETCs podcast. He was simply trying to hype up his teammate.

“I was definitely gassing him up,” Green explained. “Like yo, can’t nobody f–k with you, can’t nobody f–king stop you. That’s what I was saying.”

Durant was appreciative of Green gassing him up like that, especially in that moment.

“Yeah, I know, but I like this gas though. I ain’t have this from nobody,” Durant responded.

Everyone knew that Green was just getting into Durant’s ear trying to hype him up, but now we’ve officially heard it from the source’s mouth.

As one of the all-time great, and versatile GIFs, this one will live on forever. Plus, given how active Durant is on social media – just ask Michael Rapaport – we’ll see this GIF shared forever.