Golden State Warriors Forward Draymond Green Embarrassed Himself By Walking Off Court In Middle Of Possession

Golden State Warriors Forward Draymond Green

Getty Image / Lachlan Cunningham

At his best, Draymond Green helps the Golden State Warriors in a variety of ways. There’s no doubt that the Warriors would not have won four championships in the past decade if it wasn’t for the forward’s all-around game.

But, sometimes, he can get himself into trouble. Draymond Green famously earned himself a suspension for game five of the NBA finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016. Of course, the Cavaliers won that game and came back to win the series that they trailed 3-1, 4-3.

That’s one of many incidents over the years for the former Defensive Player of the Year. And, on Tuesday, Draymond Green found himself in the news for the wrong reasons once again.

Why would someone who scores eight points a game and basically never shoots mid-range jumpers be so mad about not catching the ball in the high post? Who knows. Now, it was Jordan Poole who didn’t pass it to him, and those two have had their issues this year. Draymond sucker punched

But, Twitter was not having it with Draymond Green.

The Thunder beat the Warriors, 137-128. But, everyone will remember Draymond Green slacking off.