Unnerving Pics Show A Lug Nut Lodged In Drew Lock’s Shattered Windshield After A Freak Accident On A Highway

drew lock lug nut windshield accident

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  • Broncos quarterback Drew Lock was the victim of a freak accident while driving in Kansas
  • Police posted pictures of a lug nut lodged in his shattered windshield after being called to the scene
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Much like Jaws was responsible for making countless people think twice before going for a dip in the ocean, I’d wager anyone who’s seen Final Destination 2 is subconsciously haunted by the thought of something unexpectedly hurling through their windshield whenever they’re on the highway.

I know I’m far from the only person who changes lanes before slamming down the gas pedal whenever I find myself behind a truck hauling a load of logs, but unfortunately, there’s no shortage of objects capable of giving your windshield the Kool-Aid Man Treatment.

That’s a lesson Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Lock recently learned the hard way, as KDVR reports he was driving down Interstate 70 in Kansas only to have his trip rudely interrupted when his windshield was shattered by a lug nut that became wedged in the glass. The outlet says the freak accident stemmed from a car traveling the opposite direction that lost a tire, which jumped over the median before the dislodged lug nut struck Lock’s car.

One of the responding officers recounted his interaction with Lock after arriving at the scene and suggested his athletic background played a role in making sure he—nor anyone else—was hurt.

Damn. That’s…nuts.

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