Super Agent Drew Rosenhaus Jumped In The Water With A Large Shark While Fishing With Tyreek Hill: ‘Don’t Grab Him, Drew’

NFl super agent Drew Rosenhaus and Tryeek Hill

Getty Image / Joel Auerbach

NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus has been such a force behind the scenes for his clients for so long that if you Google the phrase ‘Super Agent’ his Wikipedia profile is the first result.

He has accumulated an estimated net worth approaching $200 million thanks, in large part, to working with the NFL’s highest-profile athletes like Tyreek Hill ($140M contract), D.J. Moore ($73M contract), J.C. Jackson ($82.5M contract), and countless others.

As an NFL super agent, Drew Rosenhaus has been responsible for over $1.1 billion in cumulative contracts which ranks #1 overall amongst all agents.

With all of that in mind, it does seem a bit odd that Drew Rosenhaus would hop off the boat and go swimming with a large dusky shark during a recent fishing trip with his client Tryeek Hill. Drew shared footage of him in the water with a mask and snorkel while the dusky shark was being released boatside.

The same video is also available on Instagram:

They were out fishing with Josh Jorgensen who runs the BlacktipH YouTube channel, the most popular fishing channel on YouTube at one point.

I caught a 5-foot dusky shark about two and a half years ago here in Southwest Florida. I’ll never forget it because we were fishing from a boat but near the shore. Josh previously brought out Rob Gronkowski and his brothers and they caught a massive bull shark.

There was this elderly guy wading out in the water fishing who seemed to be acting a little territorial that we were nearby. Then I hooked up with the dusky shark about 20 feet away from where he was standing in dark (brackish) water with very poor visibility. This guy was blissfully unaware that I’d just pulled a 5-foot hungry shark away from his vicinity because he wasn’t watching at all when I hooked or reeled in the shark.

As for NFL super agent Drew Rosenhaus hopping in the water with this dusky shark while fishing with Tyreek Hill, many people had a lot of thoughts.

His followers wrote:

“And we wonder why they bite back.”

“Man, what if he came unhooked?!”

“People get comfortable doing different things in their lives. When I first moved to Florida, I was stunned to actually SEE locals here swimming in the same waters as alligators in a small river I was fishing in…”

“Looks like he wanted his belly rubbed.”

“A shark swimming with sharks.”

Drew Rosenhaus made it out of the water fine. And dusky sharks have been federally protected in US waters since 1999, making it unlawful to keep/harvest them. The shark was released to swim free after the encounter.