The Bros From ‘Dude Perfect’ Hung Out With Serena Williams And Made Tennis About 10x Cooler For Me

I don’t watch too much tennis. There’s not really any reason beyond the fact that I just don’t find it that interesting. There’s nothing about watching two people hit a ball back and forth that captures my attention. I don’t even like ping-pong that much. It could be that I’m pretty horrible at both of these games but it’s probably more because I like violence in my sports. Or crazy plays that I can watch over and over until I feel like I was there. Which is why I guess I have the bros over at Dude Perfect to thank for hanging out with Serena Williams and making tennis cool(er) for me. Granted, I don’t think I’ll be seeing much of these tricks on the clay, but also, now I have a new favorite video to watch when everyone else is watching tennis highlights.

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