The Dude Perfect Team Went Shark Fishing And Caught A Ridiculous Amount Of Man Eaters

In their famous trick shot compilations you don’t really see much personality shining through from the Dude Perfect team. But in this footage of them shark fishing in Florida you really get a sense of who in the group knows how to handle themselves when it doesn’t involve a basketball hoop. That said, hauling in 19 sharks between 5 people is pretty good team work.

I don’t know about you bros, but I was pretty damn shocked to see at how clueless some of these guys from Texas were when it comes to fishing. They didn’t even know which way to hold the rod or which side the reel was supposed to go on?! Really?! I suppose I’ve never really considered what kind of people the Dude Perfect guys are off-camera, but for a group of guys who have made their living impressing other guys I certainly expected them to know their way around a fishing rod.

And I’d like to send my apologies for using ‘man eaters’ in the headline to all you shark conservationists who have been loving stalking me on Twitter and bitching anytime I say something about a shark you don’t approve of. It’s a pretty common nickname for a shark. Get over it.