Dustin Johnson Spent 11 Straight Days In One Room After Testing Positive

dustin johnson quarantine 11 days one room

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Dustin Johnson tested positive for COVID-19 on October 11 just ahead of the CJ Cup in Las Vegas. He’ll tee it up in this week’s Houston Open, his first start since September’s U.S. Open at Winged Foot and as for what his days looked like after testing positive, it was a lot of looking at the same four walls.

During a session with the media in Houston on Wednesday, Johnson explained that his quarantine took place in a Las Vegas hotel room, one that he didn’t leave for 11 straight days.

“I didn’t leave the room for 11 days,” Johson said, according to GOLF. “I was just laying around — kind of doing nothing. The most movement I made was to the shower, and then I had a little outside area, so I would go sit outside for a little bit. That was it.”

Even if you think DJ is a little boring and this sort of thing may suit his personality, staying inside a hotel room for 11 straight days is absolutely brutal, even if you’ve earned $68 million in your career.

Netflix and every single other streaming service out there would even get old after a day or so, but binging TV shows is about all DJ did during his time hunkered down in the hotel.

“There probably isn’t one you can name that I didn’t watch, I don’t think,” Johson said. “I ran through all of them.” He also said that ‘Yellowstone’ is his current favorite.

It’s not easy to sit inside for a full day, so you have to tip your cap to DJ for keeping his head down doing basically nothing other than eating, showering, and watching TV shows and sticking to a very strict quarantine strategy.

Johnson shared that he had every person he had been in contact with, his family, and anyone that was in contact with others he may have exposed to get tested, and not one of them tested positive.