Dwayne Haskins’ Widow Threatens Kevin Porter Jr. With Bodily Harm: ‘Count Ya (Expletive) Days’

Kevin Porter Jr Houston Rockets media day

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Dwayne Haskins’ widow Kalabrya threatened Kevin Porter Jr. with violence and bodily harm after he was charged with assaulting her sister, WNBA player Kysre Gondrezick, at a hotel in New York City.

Haskins wrote on social media, “@kevinporterjr if you think you gone touch my sister & not get touched. Count ya f******* days.

“Better hope and pray you’ll be able to ever walk again let alone dribble.”

Fadeaway World reports on Wednesday that Porter didn’t stop attacking Kysre Gondrezick until she ran out from the hotel room and into the hallway covered in blood, where she was found by the Millennium Hilton hotel staff.

Haskins continued, “You may have gotten away with this s*** in the past cause yo mama ain’t beat ya a**, but we spank lil punk a** painting nail sissy b****** like you everyday.

“Don’t show up to that crib. We gone do it to you. Lil b****.”

The 23-year-old Houston Rockets star, according to the police report, struck Kysre Gondrezick “repeatedly about the face with a closed fist, causing a laceration above her right eye and bruising and substantial pain to her face.”

Gondrezick, 26, also stated that Porter applied “pressure to her neck by forcefully squeezing it, causing her to experience difficulty breathing, redness and bruising to her neck, and substantial pain.”

After being taken to NYU Langone Medical Center, she was diagnosed with a fractured vertebra in her neck.

Porter was charged with charged with felony assault and strangulation and was released on $75,000 cash bail, according to WABC News in New York. He is due back in court on Oct. 16.

“Adam Silver could put him on administrative leave, but certainly his future in Houston is very much in jeopardy. Going back a number of years, problems have followed him. There’s no question Kevin Porter Jr.’s future in the NBA is very much in peril,” said ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Based on the threats made by Kalabrya Haskins, Porter may have bigger things to worry about.