It’s So Bad In Houston For Dwight Howard That Even Rookies Openly Mock Him

It hasn’t been a very smooth season for Dwight Howard and the Houston Rockets. For starters, both he and James Harden play like worthless zombies on defense half the time and appear to have zero chemistry whenever they attempt to connect.

The best part is, no one really seems to care. They just kind of shrug their shoulders and move along, like some fat kid who just got eliminated in dodge ball.

The latest chapter in “laughing at Dwight Howard” comes thanks to rookie Sam Dekker, who apparently got ahold of the center’s iPad and found the following photo; one that he appropriately deemed a senior picture.

A self-portrait of Dwight Howard happily posing on a giant rock. Why am I not surprised? Sadly, I’m easily imagining him asking a family of tourists to stop and take this enthralling photo rather than actually one of his friends or significant others.

And that’s because this is Dwight Howard. He’s a bit of a lost puppy. A lost puppy who even gets mocked by a rookie averaging ZERO points, ZERO assists and 0.3 rebounds a game.

[H/T Deadspin]