Report: Dwyane Wade Receives An Offer For $25 Million Per Year From A Team He Probably Won’t Play For


There’s been a bunch of different rumors and drama surrounding the potential whereabouts of longtime Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade—I would know, I’ve been refreshing Twitter religiously as if I have nothing better to do—and new reports from ESPN’s Marc Stein have Wade getting the money he’s asking for.

But the team? The Denver Nuggets!

For those who have already forgotten about last NBA season, Denver finished with a record of just 33-49, so D-Wade wouldn’t be close to his fourth title if he left for the Mile High City. However, if he’s only focused on getting the most money, the Nugs are allegedly giving him exactly what reports have said he’s asking for—$25 million per year—so it’ll be interesting to see how this shapes up.

If nothing else, this adds a little wrinkle in all of the Wade-LeBron James reunion talk.

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