Dwyane Wade’s Shiny Rainbow All-Star Game Sneakers Should Probably Retire IMMEDIATELY

I’m not sure what Dwyane Wade was thinking with these silver, absurdly shiny, rainbow-accented sneakers last night at the NBA All-Star game, but I strongly encourage him to drop them off them at a puppy shelter this afternoon. Those little guys always need shit to chew on.

I mean, come on, man. The need to make a statement is fully understood. But these would’ve been over the top in Space Jam.

Let’s take a look at the some of the best comments:

Straight to the point. My thoughts exactly.


Woah. If you’re ever wearing new kicks and someone references L.A. Gear, it’s time to go home.

I had the very same question. But I believe they’re customs. We can’t find then anywhere. And thank god for that.


There’s always one. No matter the topic at hand, there’s always one.