Dwyane Wade’s Dad Wore A Cleveland Cavaliers Shirt And Everyone Is Freaking Out

by 4 years ago



Dwyane Wade’s future with the Miami Heat is murky. The heart of the franchise could be moving out to greener pastures. And his dad isn’t helping the fire of uncertainty subside.

Wade’s dad wore a Cleveland Cavaliers shirt while speaking at church this weekend, which can clearly only mean one thing: that Dwyane is going to reunite with his old buddy, LeBron James. Suddenly all that NBA Finals hobnobbing makes sense.

Of course, the Cavs would have to do some financial wizardry to pay Wade anything close to his fair market value, but let’s not facts or reality get in the way of a good story.

Also, Wade can say “my dad can beat up your dad” to his younger teammates and be factual accurate. Serious old man strength on display here.

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