LSU Tigers Commit Dylan Moses’ New Hype Video Compares Him To LeBron James, Ray Lewis And Bo Jackson. Expectations Are Kind Of High

People, especially in the sports world, absolutely love comparisons.

If it’s not Sports Illustrated trying to track down the next high school stud to grace their cover, it’s the talking heads over at ESPN who are still waiting for the next Michael Jordan to emerge and blow up the sports world.

I get it, though. Just as sex sells in, well, everything, labeling an athlete as the next, big superstar will only add hype and create intrigue, leaving a ton of drunk bros arguing about which player is better.

And, because that’s the goal, there might not be anyone in the country who is creating as much buzz as this kid named Dylan Moses, who has verbally committed to the LSU Tigers and earned a 5-star rating from 247Sports.

Standing 6-2 and weighing 225 pounds, Moses first told the Tigers that he would wear the purple and yellow for them when he was, get this, in the fucking eighth grade, instantly gaining him national exposure and the talk of recruiting circles for years.

About to enter his junior year—in high school—the running back/linebacker was featured in a Bleacher Report video that compares him to just a few guys by the name of LeBron James, Ray Lewis and Bo Jackson, you know, athletes who are/were just OK at their sports.

I couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to be a teenager with expectations this fucking high. The most pressure I ever had was when I lost my virginity back in high school and the chick told me that she hoped I, “felt better than the first guy she had sex with.” Sadly, I probably wasn’t.

As for Dylan Moses’ fate? Well, the sports world will find out in a couple of years if he can handle all of the hype around him.

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