Eagles Fans Took Over The Chargers New Stadium And It Was So Bad That Eagles Players Mocked Chargers Fans On Twitter

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It’s impossible not to feel bad for the Los Angeles Chargers. Not only are they winless on the team’s three-game homestead in a new city (0-4 overall), but they’ve begun covering the empty seats in the top section of the StubHub Center because literally no one wants to see them play. To add insult to injury, at just 27,000 seats, the StubHub Center is the smallest stadium in the entire league.

The Chargers got off to a rocky start on Sunday too after they were booed upon taking the field. Their opponent, the Eagles, were cheered emphatically. The entire game, the Eagles never had to resort to using a silent count to combat the home crowd’s noise, and on defense were often greeted with “Let’s Go, Eagles!” chants.

It was estimated that 70 percent of tickets gobbled up on StubHub to attend the game at the Chargers’ StubHub Center were by Eagles fans. Oh, the irony.

At one point during the game, Eagles linebacker Jordan Hicks started pumping up the army of Eagles fans in attendance to bother Philip Rivers and the home team’s offense.

After the Eagles squeaked out a 26-24 win, Eagles players mocked the Chargers’ situation on Twitter.

I pray that the Chargers go on a winning tear and the bandwagon Chargers fans start filling that stadium like they’ve been there since day one.

[h/t Total Pro Sports]