Jalen Hurts Motivated To Prove Haters Wrong By Pulling Inspiration From NBA Legends

Eagles QB Jalen Hurts

Getty Image / Mitchell Leff

The Philadelphia Eagles have all of the momentum in the world right now after falling short in the Super Bowl back in February.

Excitement is running rampant through the fanbase too, as they have high hopes for the upcoming season.

With that said, many are expecting Jalen Hurts to continue playing at a high level, as he proved to be a superstar-caliber quarterback. They Eagles will need that level of play if they hope to make a serious playoff run.

Luckily for them, Hurts might be one of the most focused quarterbacks in the league. In fact, he’s motivated to prove the haters wrong and is pulling inspiration from a couple of NBA legends to help him succeed.

During an interview with Peter King on Football Morning in America, Jalen Hurts claimed he wants to improve his mind and focus by following the methods of NBA legends Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Although they played a completely different sport, the mindset can be translated to anything.

The Eagles’ star wants to be “a true triple-threat” on the football field, and he thinks Jordan and Bryant’s methods can help him achieve that. Here is his full quote.

“Every time you go into an offseason, for me at least, I look at guys like MJ and Kobe and how they diagnose their game. Obviously two different sports, but trying to get better at my strengths and then turning my weaknesses into my strengths. I’ve always been a unique player. But embracing the rarity of being a true triple-threat… Throwing, running, and mind. For a long time people said guys like me couldn’t think or couldn’t process. Trying to put that to sleep.”

If anybody is going to prove the haters wrong it’s going to be Jalen Hurts. I mean, the guy has received flack since his days in college.

Whether it’s because of his size, or people questioning his throwing ability, there always seems to be something for people to nitpick.

However, knowing that Jalen Hurts is channeling NBA legends Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, the Eagles’ star quarterback could very well be on his way to greatness.

After having an incredibly successful year last season, Hurts aims for consistency and another Super Bowl appearance. Only this time, he hopes to take home the championship.