The Eagles Kneeling On An Extra Point Last Night Was A Christmas Nightmare For Gamblers

by 1 year ago

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Depending on who you put your money on yesterday, you either enjoyed a Christmas miracle or tragedy. Making it through the Eagles/Raiders dumpster fire of a game was punishment enough, but for some NFL fans and gamblers, it turned out to be a money suck too.

With 3 seconds left in the game and the Eagles up 13-10, Philadelphia’s Derek Barnett gobbled up a Raiders fumble after an array of failed laterals, extending the Eagles lead to 19-10 with the time expired.

Here’s where things get sticky. With the spread for many gamblers ranging from Eagles -9.5 to -10, all the birds had to do was kick a damn extra point to cover the spread. But Doug Pederson decided to play nice guy and kneel, leaving many people sobbing over a Christmas ham.

Those people include, but aren’t limited to, the below Twitter users:

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