World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall Breaks 100-Meter SkiErg World Record With Ridiculous Arm Workout

Eddie Hall World's Strongest Man

Getty Image / John Phillips

Eddie Hall is the reigning World Strongest Man after winning the competition back in 2017 (he finished 3rd in 2016). He’s the current world record holder in Deadlift With Straps and he’s held the record in Axle Press.

Eddie Hall‘s also now the 100-meter world record holder on the SkiErg, a Nordic Ski training machine that absolutely blasts your arms while giving a solid aerobic exercise that simulates Nordic skiing. Just watching him break the 100-meter record on Instagram makes my arms hurt. Fellow powerlifter Bobby Maximus filmed this clip and posted this video on Instagram with the caption “Holy shit. Just watched @eddiehallwsm pull a World Record 100m SkiErg. Did it in 13.1. Actually saw a 1:01/500m speed on the screen. His previous best was 13.7 but with some tips from Bobby Maximus he absolutely destroyed that. All hail the “King Of The SkiErg” and the World’s Strongest Man.” This is a beastly effort:

I guess I’m just not working out at nice enough gyms because I don’t recall seeing the Concept 2 SkiErg before. I know the Concept 2 rowing erg really well. I was on crew in H.S. and still have nightmares about those machines. But I’ve never seen this Nordic SkiErg until today and upon further reflection, I’m realizing that it’s probably because I live in Florida and Nordic Skiing is a sport that 100% does not exist here.

(h/t TheBarbellSpin)