Eden Hazard Teaches His Young Son A Lesson In Humility By Playing Keep Away And Knocking Him Over

Imagine if that guy was your dad? You’d just be born assuming you were the best soccer player in the schoolyard. It’s like when your dad is a rocket scientist and people assume you’re smart or when he’s a serial killer and they assume you’re kind of weird. Dad’s give streetcred, whether their sons want it or not.

Which, I’m assuming, is why Eden Hazard decided to take an opportunity on the sideline to teach his tiny son a lesson in being the best by literally tripping him up nearly non-stop for almost 15 seconds.

Adorable. A little father-son bonding that also captures a father tearing down the foundations of his son’s confidence before the little guy is even old enough to build any. I guess this is some new-age parenting where you keep your kids humble by never allowing them to feel special enough to have any confidence. That or he’s already teaching his son all the gaps in his game so they can work on them together before he’s old enough to start playing competitively. Either way, the only reason this kid is going places is because his dad treated him like his bitch. Take notes, parents, this is how superstars breed more superstars.