Amazing Chart Shows So Many Oilers Fans Refused To Pee While Watching The Battle Of Alberta

Chart Highlight Hilarious Bathroom Habits Of Oilers Fans During Playoffs

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  • Data suggests so many Oilers fans in the city of Edmonton refused to pee during periods while watching the Battle of Alberta
  • A utility company that monitored water usage during the game released an amazing chart showing how many people flocked to the bathroom at the same time
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On Thursday night, the Edmonton Oilers punched their ticket to the Western Conference Final for the first time since 2006 after Connor McDavid did what he does best and sent the Flames home by netting the series-clinching goal in overtime.

This year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs marked the first time the two clubs at the center of the longtime rivalry known as the “Battle of Alberta” had met in the postseason since 1991, and it’s safe to say it was worth the wait.

Sure, the Flames were only able to post a single win, but both teams treated us to some fantastic hockey over five games that featured plenty of bad blood, a penalty call for the ages, and a wild record-setting sequence where fans were treated to a total of four goals in a little over a minute of play.

As a result, it wasn’t the kind of series you wanted to turn away from for too long—and based on a chart that was collected by EPCOR following Game 3, it would appear plenty of people in Edmonton did everything in their power to avoid missing a single second.

Earlier this week, the utility company shared a graph it put together after taking a look at water usage in Alberta’s capital city during Sunday night’s contest. Based on the data, it’s pretty safe to assume that fans at Rogers Place weren’t the only people who made a beeline to the bathroom as soon as each period ended due to the dramatic spike in demand that accompanied each break in the action.

Whoever decided to monitor those numbers in the first place deserves a raise.

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