Edwin Diaz’s Epic Walkout Song Gets Major Boost With Live Performance From Timmy Trumpet

Edwin Diaz’s Epic Walkout Song Gets Major Boost With Live Performance

Getty Image / Jim McIsaac

Edwin Diaz has the best walkout song of all time and you can argue with a wall. The beat is absolutely electric but the trumpets make the hair on your arms stand up. However, things got even more exciting on Wednesday night as the New York Mets faced the Los Angeles Dodgers. Not only did Diaz capitalize and earn a save for his team, but he had Timmy Trumpet himself perform his walkout song live.

Edwin Diaz Blow’s Everyone’s Minds With Live Performance From Timmy Trumpet

And you thought you couldn’t love Narco enough? Mets fans were given a treat on Wednesday night as Timmy Trumpet killed it during Edwin Diaz’s entrance. Citi Field lost their minds while the trumpet pierced the night sky. Meanwhile, Diaz took the mound calm, cool, and collected.

How do you not have ice in your veins after walking out to that? Edwin Diaz came into the ninth inning and earned a save over the all-mighty Dodgers. With a live performance, it just took everything to a new level. Timmy Trumpet must be giving Diaz superpowers because the Mets’ closer has been lights out all year long.

Maybe we’ll see another live showing in the postseason. Could you imagine? It’s Game 7, bottom of the ninth, and the Mets are up by one. Edwin Diaz is called into the game and you hear Timmy Trumpet ripping it live during the walkout song. Chills. That’s all we have to say about that. Chills.

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