Fans Are Doing The ‘Edwin Diaz Challenge’ Using The Mets Closer’s Entrance Music

Fans Do The Edwin Diaz Challenge Using Mets Closers Entrance Music

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Last week, New York Mets closer Edwin Diaz’s incredible entrance went viral. Baseball fans have been loving his use of the song “Narco” by Blasterjaxx and Timmy Trumpet as he makes his way to the mound.

In fact, fans love it so much that many have decided to start using it for themselves when they do everyday tasks like walking into work and putting together a LEGO set.

Ladies and gentlemen… the “Edwin Diaz Challenge!”

Pets are even doing it.

It’s even gone global.

The “Edwin Diaz Challenge” has a very interesting backstory

Many fans don’t even realize that Edwin Diaz actually started using the song for his entrance back in 2018 when he was with the Seattle Mariners. When he was traded to the Mets in 2019, he stopped.

According to The Athletic, in 2020, Diaz says his wife said to him, “You should use the trumpet again. You pitched really good with them. I think you can do better again in New York with the trumpet.”

Interestingly, the musicians in Blasterjaxx, Thom Jongkind and Idir Makhlaf, don’t know anything about baseball.

“We were like: ‘Oh, they just play it once? That’s cool. An honor. That’s dope,’” Jongkind told The Athletic. “And then it kept coming back and kept coming back, and we were like: OK, well, we’re not really into baseball or anything, but whatever, it kept coming back. Slowly, we started seeing the pattern, and how it went that he was using it as his walk-on tune and everything.”

Diaz’s epic entrance, if you can believe it, is going to get even better at some point in the very near future.

Between Edwin Diaz’s kickass entrance and the one now being used by new Baltimore Orioles closer Felix Bautista, dare we say baseball is almost starting to become … fun again?

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