8th Grade Basketball Star From Atlanta Is Already Able To Dunk, Could Probably Start For The Sixers


BBall Spotlight

Remember that high school player from a few weeks ago who turned out to be 30 instead of 14? “How did that happen?” everyone screamed. Because some people are just freak and we society have just come to accept that. Look at college football players. Some of those guys are 18 going on 45. Just accept it.

Which is why I’m all about this new eighth-grade standout Kyree Walker from Atlanta. The kid’s an animal. Tossing alley-oops to himself off the backboards and dunking on 3 defenders, this is the reason that NBA players shouldn’t have to go to college. Sure, he’s playing against 13 year-olds, but the kid himself is 13. Everyone’s already claiming the kid isn’t age-eligible, but also, who cares? Maybe when he gets to high school we can start wondering how old this kid actually is, but until then, I’d rather see him ice a bunch of middle-school kids. Besides, it’s middle-school basketball. Who cares about the result? I really just need something going on during the game to keep me interested. A player who is literally dunking on the competition? Yeah, I’m in.