Elon Musk Responds To UFC’s Beneil Dariush Calling Him Out Post-Fight For Tesla Delivery Delays

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  • UFC’s Beneil Dariush called out Elon Musk for Tesla delays following his victory over Tony Ferguson at UFC 262.
  • Dariush ordered the car in December, expected delivery in March, and is still waiting.
  • Elon Musk caught wind of the complaint and responded on Twitter.

How many more strongly worded emails does Beneil Dariush need to fire off to Tesla HR before his damn car appears in his driveway?

Dariush, a top 5-ranked UFC lightweight fighter, defeated the great Tony Ferguson Saturday night at UFC 262, delivering a heel hook that may have destroyed the former UFC lightweight champion’s knee.

In the immediate aftermath of the biggest win of his career, the 32-year-old took precious time in the ring to voice his Speak To A Manager moment.

Joe, I wanna call out your buddy. Elon Musk, where is my wife’s car, bro?” he demanded, sending Joe into a hysterical laughing fit. “I’ve been waiting six months,” he continues, “I’ve had a baby, I need a good car, I have to protect my daughter. Let’s go, Elon, get me my car!

In the post-fight presser, Dariush revealed that he ordered a Tesla in December in the lead-up to the birth of his daughter, was promised delivery in March, and still hasn’t received it nearly three months later.

Dariush is far from the only person suffering through Tesla delivery delays. According to Inside Evs, in the case of Model X, after the first cars were expected in February 2021, the expected delivery date is now moved to October according to the latest reports. New orders are expected in January-February 2022 already.

That’s why I prefer to my 2020 Kia Sorento. No delays. No swag.