Ahhhh, I’m Hang-Gliding! Take A Good Picture, Honey…! I’M DEAD

So this is what it looks like when your hang-glider completely shits the bed on takeoff, huh?

Listen, I don’t know anything about hang-gliding in general and how hard it is to control one of these gliders, but clearly the guy at the helm was doing it all wrong. Pretty sure a successful hang-gliding flight doesn’t end up with you taking out an entire crowd of onlookers 1.5 seconds after takeoff. That has to be like hang-gliding rule number one: you at least have to take in some neat beach scenery before careening your enormous metal apparatus into unsuspecting spectators.

Couldn’t help but strike up thoughts of this hilarious Wedding Crashers scene.

But really, I hope this guy isn’t dead.

[via Viral Video UK]