Eric Reid And Stephen A. Smith Get Into Heated Argument On Twitter After Colin Kaepernick Workout

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Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid and Stephen A. Smith are going at it on Twitter.

On Saturday after Colin Kaepernick’s workout, Smith blasted Kaepernick for causing so much drama when he moved his workout outside of the Falcons’ practice facility because he wanted the media present.

He don’t want to play,” “He wants to be a martyr.”
“All of us believe that Colin Kaepernick would have showed us,” “I believe he would have had a job within two weeks. But he didn’t show…he wanted to show at a high school and YouTube it.

You don’t want to work. You just want to make noise.”

Reid, who is close friends with Kaepernick and participated in the workout, fired back at Smith and basically called the ESPN host a sellout.

Smith saw Reid’s comment and fired back at the Panthers DB by calling him a hypocrite for calling out the NFL but still cashing their checks.

Update: Reid has responded.

Reid spoke to the media after the Panthers game on Sunday and once again took shots at Stephen A.

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