Fans React To Erin Andrews’ Wild Near-Death Experience During Week 1 Of The NFL Season

Fans React To Erin Andrews Wild Near-Death Story From Week 1 Of The NFL Season

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Fox NFL sideline reporter Erin Andrews spends a lot of time in cars and on planes as part of her job.

She has often spoken about how horrible traveling can be, especially with her Calm Down podcast co-host Charissa Thompson.

This week, she shared another harrowing tale of travel and this time it could have ended with her being seriously hurt or even killed.

First, as she was on her way to Minneapolis for the Week 1 tilt between the Vikings and Packers, the charger in her car-service vehicle didn’t work and the door wouldn’t close properly.

Then, later as she was on a conference call with Fox broadcasters Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen along with some players on the Packers, including Aaron Rodgers, she noticed something else very disturbing.

“I’m typing, headphones are working, we’re good. I hear snoring. I know it’s not Greg Olsen, Kevin Burkhardt or Aaron Rodgers snoring. It’s my driver who fell asleep at the wheel. On a highway from Chicago!” Andrews shouted.

“Timeout. What do you mean he fell asleep at the wheel?” Thompson jumped in.

“Snoring. Sleeping,” Andrews replied.

“And the car is moving? We’re not parked?” Thompson then asked incredulously.

“Moving. 65 miles an hour,” Andrews responded. “I am so thankful I put my phone on mute because we’re on a Zoom. I put my phone on mute and I go ‘Are you effing sleeping?!’ Wakes up, Clark Griswold, it was awful.”

Mind you, this all occurred at 2 p.m. local time.

Erin Andrews got the fright of her life thanks to a sleepy car service driver

“So now I have the quarterback of the team I’m trying to work on, I’m trying to take notes. I have full blown anxiety. This is not the way I want to go down. This is not the way I want to die.”

But wait… there’s more.

After the driver wakes up and she gets off the call with Aaron Rodgers she says, “I go ‘pull over at a Starbucks.’ I make him pull over at a McDonald’s. I go in, I get him a coffee. He doesn’t drink it. The entire car ride I am like ‘ahem ahem ahem’ monitoring if he’s sleeping at the wheel.”

“So that was Week 1,” said Thompson. “I can’t wait to see what Week 2 has in store for you.”

Fans of Andrews, much like Charissa Thompson (who recently made the mistake of cutting her own hair), couldn’t believe her story.

She did have a lot of faith that the driver wasn’t going to go back to sleep, didn’t she?

At least she got a good story out of it!

Listen to the full episode below…

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