Ernie Els Gets The ‘Happy Gilmore’ Treatment In This Video That Will Give You A Chubbs-y

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happy gilmore putt ball too good for home

Ernie Els 7-putted a hole on Thursday, April 7th, at the 2016 Masters and made me think I might have a legit shot on the PGA Tour. His 9 score on the first hole is the highest in the entire history of the tournament. It’s incredible Els didn’t do this…

happy gilmore throws pin flag

When asked what caused the pro to putt like a putz, Els owned it, stating he had the “heebie jeebies” otherwise known as the yips. Screenshots of the shot tracker that followed Ernie’s journey got the Crying Jordan meme treatment, which really needs to be retired ASAP. Now, Slate has given us the Happy Gilmore version of Els’ hellish green experience that had him seeing red.

As Slate’s video description reads:

“Amid the pomp and circumstance and azaleas of “A Tradition Unlike Any Other,” Els got his round off to a Horrible Start Unlike Any Other… Someone should remind him that—in the immortal words of gator-hating golf legend, Chubbs—all you gotta do is just tap it in.”

It’s all in the hips. It’s all in the hips.

happy gilmore it's all in the hips

If Els is able to get back on track and win the tourney, he should be able to follow in Happy’s footsteps and secure an endorsement deal with Subway. We hear they’re looking for a new spokesman. Talk about a hole in one, right, Jared?

Via Slate

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