Ernie Els Has A Serious Case Of The Yips, Misses The Easiest Putt Ever

We’ve all been there before, bros. Standing over your golf ball and looking to closeout a hole with a simple little putt from within a few inches, an absolute gimme turns into something much worse, as a terrible funk overtakes your mind, body and soul, causing you to duff the shot.

Whether it’s over-thinking, anxiousness, a nonchalant approach or some act of God, no golfer is immune from the yips—and four-time major champ Ernie Els just got bit hard.

After watching this shot by Els, I have no idea what he was looking at. Seriously, that’s about as easy a putt as you’ll ever see in a round of golf and the dude gave a free lesson on what not to do while putting.

Maybe The Big Easy needs to get back to the basics and take the advice from club pro Chubbs Peterson, “just tap it in, tap it in, now.”

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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