ESPN Broadcaster Thinks Oregon Coach Mario Cristobal Yelling At A Player Is Racist

espn broadcaster mario cristobal racist for yelling at player

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  • Yelling at one of your team’s players is racist, according to ESPN broadcaster Rod Gilmore.
  • Oregon coach Mario Cristobal scolded a player on the sidelines and Gilmore thinks it was racist for him to do so.
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Football coaches shouldn’t yell at players on the sideline anymore. Actually, no, let me rephrase that. Football coaches of a certain skin color shouldn’t yell at football players of a certain skin color, because that makes it racist, according to ESPN’s Rod Gilmore.

To set the scene here, Oregon wide receiver Kris Hutson caught a pass just before halftime during the Ducks’ win over Arizona on Saturday. After making the grab, he stood up, flexed, and spun the ball which resulted in an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

Gilmore was on the call for ESPN, and when Cristobal started screaming at Hutson for his bonehead play, Gilmore reacted by calling it “too much.” Fox Sports’ Doug Gottlieb then tweeted a clip of the play and Gilmore’s commentary and called the broadcaster out for what he thought was “insane commentary.”

This is when Gilmore brought race into the conversation saying Cristobal, a second-generation Cuban American, screaming at Hutson rubs a lot of people the wrong way and that it was bad optics.

As you’ll notice in the clip, Gilmore himself says “this is not high school” in reaction to Cristobal’s screaming before saying it was a little too much. It was only when Gottlieb tweeted the clip that Gilmore inserted racism into the situation.

Also, Hutson stood firm while being yelled at by his head coach and even looked Cristobal in the eyes and says “yes sir.”

Gilmore was quick to point out that Cristobal is Cuban after calling him out for yelling at his player.

Gottlieb fired back at Gilmore on Twitter after his reply as well explaining that Gilmore was the one making the entire thing racial, which is 100% accurate.

At the end of the day, both of these things can be true: Cristobal may have gone a bit overboard by screaming at his player in the manner that he did, but to call him a racist because the player he yelled at happened to be black is ridiculous.