ESPN Fires Back At Ravens’ Matthew Judon For Threatening To Release Photos Of Reporter At Strip Club

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ESPN is defending reporter Jamison Hensley against attacks from Ravens’ linebacker Matthew Judon over a contract report.

During the offseason, Hensley reported that Judon had declined a long-term deal from the Ravens that would have paid him $16.5 million a year. Judon denied the report and called out the ESPN reporter on Twitter.

Hensley stood by his report and promised to add Judon’s comments to his article.

An irate Judon then proceeded to demand an apology from the ESPN reporter or else he was going to leak photos of Hensely allegedly cheating on his wife at a strip club.

On Thursday ESPN released a strong statement backing Hensley’s reporting and blasted Judon for his “uncalled for” personal attacks.


Judon has yet to respond to ESPN’s statement.