ESPN The Ocho Is Back With Pro Pillow Fighting, And Much More

A view from outside of a boxing room.


We truly are in the dead season of sports. Basketball is finished, as is hockey. Golf’s four majors have come and gone as players wrap up the PGA Tour season.

While Major League Baseball trudges through its 162-game season, fans are counting down the days until football begins.

We got a glimpse last Thursday in the Hall of Fame game, but the NFL preseason won’t provide the entertainment viewers are seeking. The lack of on-field action leads us to a scene we saw over the weekend.

Television networks have to get creative when filling these offseason time slots. Often, you’ll see bowling or cornhole competitions while you flip through the ESPN family of channels.

But this weekend, the scenes were much more bizarre.

ESPN ‘The Ocho’ gave us an entire weekend of craziness as it shuffled through a variety of off the wall sports, some of which included Air Guitar championships, table tennis, adult kickball, and something called ‘Slippery Stairs.’

Professional pillow fighting was one event to catch viewers’ attention. Many quickly reacted to seeing actual fighters duking it out in the ring equipped with sponsored pillows and pillowcases.

The online reaction was hysterical as viewers posted their responses on social media.

“We just peaked. Crash incoming,” one fan sarcastically joked.

“Ahhh. So, this is why the PAC12 couldn’t get a TV deal!” another person quipped in response to the recent conference realignment storylines.

“ESPN has destroyed ESPN,” this follower tweeted in reference to the network’s recent layoffs of well-known media personalities.

Judging by the commentary in the comments section, the network probably shouldn’t expect professional pillow fighting to end its troubles.

Jacob Elsey
BroBible writer. Jacob is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and is based in Charleston, SC.