ESPN’s Jalen Rose Breaks Down In Tears On Mother’s Day While Honoring His Mother Who Passed Away Earlier This Year

Jalen Rose experienced an extremely emotional moment while honoring his mother on live TV during Mother’s Day.

Earlier this year Jalen’s mother Jeanne died at age 80 and during Sunday’s NBA pregame show ESPN honored her with a feature about how proud she was that several athletes had been named after the unique name she gave her son.

Forty-eight years ago, Jeanne Rose named her son Jalen — and with a few dozen variants in pro sports and more on their way — the “Jalen Generation” is in full effect.

Rose was tasked with going through his mother’s personal belongings after her death. Searching through one of her drawers, he discovered a handwritten list on a white sheet of paper. Jeanne Rose didn’t just follow the career of her son Jalen; she followed every Jalen.

Among the dozens of names on Jeanne Rose’s list were Jalen Richard (Las Vegas Raiders), Jalen Hurts (Philadelphia Eagles), Jalen Mayfield (Michigan Wolverines), Jalen Brunson (Dallas Mavericks) and Jalen Ramsey (L.A. Rams). She also kept track of the players who spelled their name differently, like Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown.

After the feature aired an emotional Rose broke down in tears while on live TV.