ESPN’s Jay Williams Blasts Clippers’ Montrezl Harrell For Calling Luka Doncic A ‘P-ssy Ass White Boy’ During Game

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ESPN’s Jay Williams has some words for Clippers center Montrezl Harrell.

During Friday night’s Clippers-Mavs game, Harrell appeared to call Doncic a “bitch ass white boy” after scoring on the Mavs star in the paint.

On Saturday, ESPN’s Jay Williams took to Twitter to blast Harrell over the incident.

I’m no lip reader but damn Montrezl I can only imagine if Luka Doncic had said something like that to you and it got caught on tape, I can only imagine during Black Lives Matter what kind of a big deal that would have been considering today’s climate. It would have been a massive story, Luka would have lost all credibility in this space, Everybody would have been commenting on it.We would have asked LeBron about it, we would have asked Kawhi about it, everybody would have had some kind of statement about it, but it’s not that big of a deal because Trez said it to a Caucasian person.

It should be a big story because it’s not acceptable. Listen, I’m a hooper, I’ve talked trash, I’ve cursed people out…What you said, when you’re involving race in it and I’ve heard people say this back in the day during basketball scenarios and playing hoops in the inner cities and I didn’t find it acceptable then, and I don’t find it acceptable now.

We don’t need that in today’s game especially with everything we’re fighting for as it relates to equality, even if you do get lost in your emotional, not acceptable.

The NBA has not fined or commented yet on Harrell’s actions despite calls from fans to suspend the Clippers’ star.