If ‘The Evolution Of Punk’ Has Taught Us Anything, It’s That AJ Lee Is Still God Damn Adorable

CM Punk’s UFC debut is fast approaching. Is he ready? Hard to tell. He’s absolutely made progress in his fighting ability and that’s been evident throughout The Evolution Of Punk — the documentary chronicling his training and life outside the octagon.

In the next episode of the mini-doc, Punk is eager to get back in the gym after months of shoulder rehab due to injury. Once he’s finally cleared to train again, the UFC hopeful makes positive strides and learns the name of his first opponent in the UFC. He also takes a fan comic book shopping and celebrates Christmas with his wife, AJ Lee.

If the doc has shown us one thing, and it’s something that we probably already knew, it’s that AJ Lee is god damn adorable. She makes me actually like Christmas and I’ve been on the fence about it for the last few years.

I miss her in the WWE.

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