Here’s How Your Favorite WWE Wrestlers Have Changed Since The Start Of Their Careers Ahead Of Wrestlemania 34

young dwayne the rock johnson wwe

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This weekend, hordes of WWE fans will descend upon New Orleans to attend Wrestlemania 34, which features matches showcasing wrestlers who have been with the company when it was still called the WWF in addition to a few relatively new faces. One of those is former UFC star Ronda Rousey, who decided to pivot to professional wrestling after her MMA opponents realized the best way to avoid getting caught in an armbar was to just punch her in the face a bunch of times.

Rousey will be teaming up with wrestling veteran Kurt Angle against WWE’s biggest power couple: Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. However, that’s far from the only match on a card that features a number of WWE staples, up-and-comers, and a rumored headliner between John Cena and Wresltmania legend The Undertaker.

I was first exposed to Cena when he was calling himself “The Prototype” in a show on the Discovery Channel, and it’s safe to say he’s come a long way since then. However, he’s far from the only wrestler who’s experienced some dramatic changes over the course of his career.

The crew at put together some GIFs to show how some of the biggest names in the WWE have evolved since they first stepped into the ring, which could either serve as a great trip down nostalgia lane or an eye-opener depending on how long you’ve followed wrestling. Here’s Cena, for example:

john cena transformation

However, that’s nothing compared to some of his fellow superstars.

The Big Show

big show wwe transformation

Bray Wyatt

bray wyatt wwe transformation

Brock Lesnar

brock lesnar wwe transformation

Chris Jericho

chris jericho wwe transformation

The Rock

dwayne johnson the rock wwe transformation


kane wwe transformation

Kurt Angle

kurt angle wwe transformation

The Undertaker

the undertaker wwe transformation

Triple H

triple h wwe transformation

To recap: The Undertaker has gotten scarier every year, Triple H was a Ric Flair cosplayer in his earlier days, Kane got permission to breathe, and Chris Jericho transformed from a guy you’d expect to see on the cover of a romance novel into the dude who brings a typewriter with him to the coffee shop.

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