Current And Ex-Giants Beefing On Twitter About Eli Manning, Meanwhile, Philip Rivers Calls It ‘Pathetic’

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Pretty much no one agrees with Eli Manning’s benching, including many current and ex-Giants (and even the founder’s great-granddaughter Kate Mara). Even the guy who will forever be linked with Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, who was traded for Manning on day one of the 2004 NFL Draft has weighed in on it. He’s not happy either.

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“I honestly thought it was pathetic,” Rivers said Wednesday. “He’s been out there 210 straight games — with no telling how many bumps and bruises and injuries — for his team. He won two Super Bowl MVPs. And with the respect he’s had in the locker room over the years, and really the respect he’s gained throughout the league, you feel like the guy has earned the opportunity — if they are, in fact, deciding to go another direction — he’s earned the opportunity to finish it off these last five weeks.”

Meanwhile, as we mentioned on Wednesday, current and former Giants, including Manning’s former coach Tom Coughlin, are pretty much going scorched earth on the Giants, their coaches and management.

However, one current Giants player, defensive tackle Damon Harrison, has a problem with all the complaining, in particular taking issue with legendary Giants linebacker Carl Banks’ tweets.

Banks’ response?

Banks also spoke about Manning’s benching and his beef with Harrison while appearing on WFAN…

Pretty hard to argue with that take.

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