You Won’t Believe How Expensive Super Bowl Tickets Are

by 4 years ago

From the Wire:

On the NFL's official second-hand marketplace, the cheapest price for a ticket to the Super Bowl right now is $2,700. And that's for the worst seats in the building, the very back rows in the upper corners of the end zones. The most expensive tickets cost more than $25,000 for seats in the bottom bowl at the 50-yard line. On StubHub, the cheapest Big Game tickets cost over $2,500 each for seats in the end zone at the top of the bowl. 

Of course, you could always pool your money with a group of good friends and get a luxury suite, complete with food and drinks. You only need a million dollars or so.


Two West Coast teams, the worst halftime show in recent memory, freezing temperatures, the possibility that you're stuck watching the game near Roger Goodell: None of it matters. New York is expensive, the Super Bowl is expensive, and it was dumb to expect anything less.

[H/T: The Wire]


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