Ezekiel Elliott Reveals His Hopes For The Cowboys In The 2022 Season

Ezekiel Elliott Reveals His Hopes For The Cowboys In The 2022 Season

Getty Image / Tom Pennington

After a roller coaster of an offseason, the Dallas Cowboys aim to remain atop of the NFC East this season. It’ll be interesting to see how they do, as the Philadelphia Eagles have become the favorite in the division. Regardless, Ezekiel Elliott reveals his hopes for his team, as the star running back has big aspirations for the Cowboys.

Ezekiel Elliott Is Motivated By A Potential Super Bowl Run For The Cowboys

According to Todd Archer, Elliott reveals that his personal motivation is to make a deep run in the playoffs. Additionally, he mentions how he wants to “get a shot at that Super Bowl.” That’s the dream of every NFL player and fan. However, the Cowboys have a long way to go before having those discussions.

NFL Fans Remind Ezekiel Elliott Of The Cowboys’ Super Bowl Drought

Meanwhile, many enjoy dogging Dallas for its extremely long Super Bowl drought. Cowboys fans are often reminded about the woes of the franchise. For that reason, some fans decided to remind Ezekiel Elliott as well.

Okay, but Tabs Singh makes a fair point.

Even Cowboys fans are roasting Ezekiel Elliott!

It’s true. Cowboys fans seem to hype up a Super Bowl appearance every single year.

So, hopefully Elliott maintains this motivation. It’ll be a difficult road for the Cowboys this season, as there are plenty of Super Bowl contenders in the league. Keep an eye on this franchise though, as they do have a solid enough roster to make some noise in the NFC East.

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