Suspended Ezekiel Elliott Looks Extremely Ripped While Training In Mexico

by 9 months ago

Ezekiel Elliott is set to return from his six-game suspension next week for the Cowboys’ final game of the season next week against the Seattle Seahawks . While he was away from football, Elliott has been going through intense training down in Mexico.

Via News Day

Ezekiel Elliott will return to the Cowboys on Monday a little lighter after spending six weeks of intense training in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, according to a report by the NFL Network.

Elliott was visited by several mentors while in Mexico. Former NFL running back Eric Dickerson was among the people who visited.

“He said that he’s gonna get 200 yards in his return,” Dickerson told TMZ Sports. “I said, ‘No, you not gonna get no 200 yards.’ So the bet is that if he gets 200 yards I have to give him one of my jerseys. It’ll be one of my special jerseys that I played in, and if he doesn’t get 200 yards he has to give me a jersey he played in.”

Judging by this pic of Elliott he’s going to score at least 4 touchdowns and rush for a gazillion yards.

Elliott has always been a bit on the chubby side so it’ll be interest to see how he plays when he’s in perfect game shape.

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