Ezekiel Elliott Has Sued The NFL Get To Get His Suspension Overturned

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It’s been quite the offseason for Ezekiel Elliott. The Dallas Cowboys running back was suspended for six games a few weeks ago stemming from a domestic violence incident that allegedly occurred last summer (for which he was never charged), although there is evidence the allegations may have been part of a not so elaborate blackmail scheme orchestrated by his former girlfriend.

Elliott immediately filed an appeal to contest the suspension, which is currently being heard. He is questioning how the NFL handled the entire situation, as it was recently revealed one investigator recommended eschewing a suspension altogether— a suggestion that was apparently ignored by the league.

The results of the appeal are expected to be released as soon as today, but it appears that Elliott isn’t taking any chances. According to CBS, the NFLPA  has filed a lawsuit against the NFL  on behalf of Elliott in which they accused the league of conspiring to keep him off the field:

The petition claims that Elliott’s suspension, even after appeal, was a “product of a process that has already deprived the Union and Elliott of fundamental fairness,” “one of the most fundamentally unfair arbitral processes conceivable” and part of a “League-orchestrated conspiracy by senior NFL executives … to hide critical information.”

Furthermore, the petition states that the “conspiracy” to “hide critical information” was designed to hide said information from Roger Goodell, his outside advisors on the Elliott discipline, the NFLPA and Elliott, the Dallas Cowboys and NFL fans.

The Player’s Association aired a number of other grievances in the suit, saying Elliott was unable to formally confront his ex or examine any notes that the NFL compiled during conversations with the accuser.

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Unless Elliott’s suspension is overturned entirely (which seems unlikely), we might have another Tom Brady situation on our hands. It appears the short-term goal is for the lawsuit to result in the suspension itself being suspended, which would allow Elliott to play until the court makes a ruling. I’m sure Cowboys fans and fantasy owners everywhere have their fingers crossed.

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