F1 Drivers Slam Miami Grand Prix For Flashy Pre-Race Introductions With LL Cool J

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The second edition of the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix is in the books and yet again it wrapped up with Red Bull and Max Verstappen on top of the podium.

But the Miami GP, like Las Vegas to come later this year, is as much about what happens off the track as what happens on it.

Celebrities such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Patrick Mahomes and more (though sadly no Taylor Swift) were on hand to witness motorsport’s most lavish series.

As part of all the pomp and circumstance, rapper turned actor LL Cool J did pre-race driver introductions on the track’s front straightaway, something that isn’t common at other races.

As it turns out, the drivers weren’t a big fan of the whole ordeal.

“None of the drivers like it, but it’s not for us at the end of the day,” McLaren’s Lando Norris told ESPN’s Nate Saunders.

While Williams driver Alex Albon had similar sentiments.

“It’s the show. We’re in the show business now,” he said.

Drivers typically ride around the track hours prior to the race start in order greet fans in attendance.

This took place in Miami as well. But the added driver intros came just moments before the race and left some drivers standing around in the heat in their fire suits.

“It is distracting because, you know, we were on the grid for half an hour in all of our overalls in the sun,” Mercedes driver George Russell said. “I don’t think there’s any other sports in the world that 30 minutes before you go out to do your business that you’re out there in the sun, all the cameras on you, and making a bit of a show of it.

“We spoke about it as drivers on Friday night. Everybody’s got different personalities. I guess it’s the American way of doing things, doing sport.

“Personally, [it’s] probably not for me. But you know, that’s just my personal opinion.”

But Russell’s teammate, seven-time series champion Lewis Hamilton, had a different view on things.

“They [Formula One] are trying new things, they’re trying to improve the show always, and I’m in full support of it,” Hamilton said.

“Geez, I grew up listening to LL Cool J, and LL Cool J was there. That’s cool. You look over, you’ve got will.i.am who’s an incredible artist. You’ve got Serena and Venus standing there. I thought it was cool.”