Idiot Patriots Fan Gave Chip Kelly A Call After He Got Fired And Supposedly Got An Answer (VIDEO)


A group of Patriots fans got together last night and decided to call Chip Kelly after learning he was fired, so as to offer their sincere condolences. Why Chip Kelly was allegedly answering his cell phone considering he was just fired five days before the last game of the season remains a deep, dark mystery.

However, and this is a big however, Chip was born in New Hampshire and spent 15 seasons coaching there before heading to Oregon. So perhaps after seeing the area code, Kelly thought it was a friend from home calling to provide some comfort? Who the fuck knows.

Per the poster of the YouTube video, here’s how they allegedly got Kelly’s number:

“So this girl we were with last night… Worked at portsmouth country club in new hampshire. Kelly is from mew hampshire. He was a 3 day guest there, and she was kinda like an assistant for him while he was there. She said one night him and his buddies were wasted and said here take my phone number in case you lose me.”

It never fails. You can always count on it circling back to a “this chick I knew once worked at this place” scenario. And I had a sneaky feeling good old Chip had a wild side. Allegedly.

Important piece of advice to the caller: Next time, don’t choke away what could’ve been a funny moment. That was worse than the Pats electing to kick in overtime.