Fans Think Bill Belichick Breaking Up With His Girlfriend Means The Patriots Are Going To Dominate

bill belichick linda holliday celebrate super bowl win

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On the same day that Bill Belichick’s 10-minute long diatribe on long snappers from 2021 is going viral again on the internet, also comes news that he and longtime girlfriend Linda Holliday have called it quits.

According to Page Six, Belichick and Hollliday, who have been together since 2007, have “been involved in a drawn-out, back-and-forth breakup for nearly a year.”

Perhaps that would explain why Holliday hasn’t shared any photos or videos of The Hoodie since February 14, 2022 on her Instagram and why he was notably absent from a New Year’s Eve video she captioned, “Ringing in 2023 with my people.”

Weirdly, the report also claims that despite that breakup Holliday has still been staying at Belichick’s home in Nantucket.

Complicating matters is that southern gal Holliday has got to be very fond of his New England haven Nantucket during their romance, and isn’t keen to leave the tight-knit island community just because she’s no longer with Belichick.

There is also the fact that Linda Holliday is the President of the Bill Belichick Foundation, which “aims to provide coaching, mentorship, and financial support to individuals, communities, and organizations.”

Word on the street is that Patriots brass is concerned about the breakup because of Linda Holliday’s penchant for “oversharing on social media.”

In 2021, Holliday made headlines when she clapped back at a fan trying to troll her on Instagram by saying Belichick shouldn’t have let Brady go.

“And you have all the answers evidently? Tom didn’t score last night…not once! Defense won that game. Were you even watching?” Holliday fired back at the fan. (Brady actually did throw three touchdown passes during that game.)

Patriots brass aren’t the only ones worried about Belichick and Holliday breaking up. So are many Patriots fans.

“She knows where the bodies are buried,” read another comment.

Then again, there are also several New England fans who think the breakup is harbinger of good things coming for the Patriots’ 2023 season.

“Jacked Bill Belichick incoming,” another fan wrote. “He’s about to get his breakup body and go undefeated this season.”