Fans Clown Skip Bayless For Losing Control Of His Own Show With New ‘Undisputed’ Cast

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Skip Bayless has officially lost control of his Fox Sports 1 show, “Undisputed.”

Well, maybe not officially, but it sure seems that way for the longtime shock jock.

The change began when his long-time co-host Shannon Sharpe left the network.

That left Bayless and the network scrambling in hopes of finding a co-host that could stand up to his constant blathering.

Plenty of options arose, but as Michael McCarthy of Front Office Sports reported, Bayless shot down most of them.

“They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But you could also argue it’s a sign of desperation, McCarthy wrote. “Skip Bayless’ strategy to copy rival Stephen A. Smith’s “debate by committee approach” with revolving guests — as well as the underwhelming talent — was met with a resounding thud inside Fox Sports, sources told Front Office Sports. Bayless’ “Undisputed” has been on extended hiatus for nearly two months as FS1 executives have auditioned candidates to replace departed co-host Shannon Sharpe.”

The result was Monday’s show, which featured Bayless in a moderator role, surrounded by fellow NFL stars Keyshawn Johnson, Richard Sherman and Michael Irvin.

The three Pro Bowlers routine spoke over Bayless, who was left to watch on for much of the show without getting a word in edge wise.

Fans found the situation comical. Especially after Bayless has done the same thing to his co-hosts for years.

Though former NFL offensive tackle George Foster says Bayless had a plan all along.

Bayless has been at the heart of sports talk television for the better part of two decades. So to see him reduced to a passenger is both amusing and a bit sad. But this is largely a result of his own doing.

And it’s hard to imagine many others in the industry will have that much sympathy for him.