New Version Of ‘Undisputed’ Has Skip Bayless Talking A LOT Less

Skip Bayless

Getty Image / The Washington Post

The new version of Undisputed is finally here and it appears Skip Bayless is talking a lot less than usual.

At least that’s the case with the first episode, as Keyshawn Johnson, Richard Sherman, and Michael Irvin make their Undisputed debut.

While the four were discussing the implications of the Dallas Cowboys trading for Trey Lance, Bayless suddenly became quiet while his co-hosts took over the show.

There’s a solid two minutes where Bayless doesn’t say a word, which might be the longest he’s ever gone without talking.

What makes this clip even more amazing is that they’re talking about the Cowboys, which is Skip’s favorite team.

He constantly talks about them and it’s kind of surprising seeing him take the back seat on a subject where he’s usually leading the conversation.

To his defense though, what can you do when Michael Irvin starts yelling his point across at the top of his lungs?

Now, this is just a short two-minute clip from Monday’s episode of Undisputed, however, it sounds like Skip Bayless has struggled to say much of anything throughout the entire episode.

Maybe this was intended, or maybe the new version of the show took Bayless by surprise. There really is no way of knowing unless you actually talk to him.

With that said, the show is complete chaos. I feel like it would largely benefit to add a fifth person who is just there to control the conversation. They need someone like Ernie Johnson in there right now.

But it’ll be interesting to see how this show continues. Perhaps Skip Bayless will start yelling even louder than usual just to get his voice heard.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Bayless slams his fist on the table while yelling “It’s my turn!”