Fans React To Baker Mayfield Denying He Made ‘I’m Gonna F Them Up’ Comment About Browns

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Panthers quarterback Baker Mayfield doesn’t want to add extra drama to his week one against the Browns.

On Monday, Bills sideline reporter Cynthia Frelund went viral when she relayed a conversation she had with Mayfield in which she claims he said, “I’m gonna f them up” while about facing the Browns in week one.

Myles Garrett reacted to Baker’s alleged comment by saying that the Browns were going to use it to get themselves fired up for the week one game against the Panthers.

During the Panthers media session on Wednesday, Mayfield straight-up denied ever making the comment.

“First, I didn’t say it,” “Obviously everybody’s going to write whatever story they want, there’s history that I played there the last four years. I’m an extremely competitive person. Everybody knows that. If I wasn’t wanting to win then there would be a really big issue with me being the quarterback here. I want to win in everything I do. That’ll never change. That is not how I phrased it. It’s not even what I said.”

Fans reacted to Mayfield denying Frelund’s report.

“football season doesn’t truly start until baker mayfield tries to fight a reporter”

“He went from “that’s not how I phrased it” to “I didn’t say anything” well you said something my boy lol”

“Idk but he contradicted himself when he said ” that’s not how I phrased it” to ” I didn’t say anything”. This looks like the org made him come out and deny it without a good story. Should’ve just owned it and said it was a private conversation”