Fans Storm Ring During WWE ‘Smackdown’ Taping And One Guy Takes A Sick Rock Bottom In The Ruckus

Smackdown Ring Jump


If you’ve ever been ringside thought about storming the ring at a wrestling match, don’t, because if security doesn’t get to you and drag you out of the building one of the wrestlers will pounce and hand you your ass. They PRAY a fool jumps the guardrail and tries something stupid. THEY PRAY.

These guys, who are apparently a popular prank show in the UK called TrollStation, hit the ring during the main event of WWE Smackdown at O2 Arena in London. Before security had a chance to intervene, one guy delivers a pretty sick rock bottom to the other, which actually gets over with the crowd.

TrollStation invades SmackDown!WWE SmackDown! Ring InvasionCheck them out here: sure to like my page! It’s much appreciated.

Posted by The AJ Universe on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

There’s a pretty good chance the WWE was in on this prank because none of the wrestlers flinch when the guys hit the ring. I wish it were unplanned and legit and that Cesaro got his mitts on one of these guys. That would have been ugly and awesome and who the fuck still watches prank shows?

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