College Football Fans Are Yet Again Worried About College GameDay Host Lee Corso’s Health

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Lee Corso is back for his 36th year of ESPN’s College GameDay, but many fans really wish the 88-year-old weren’t.

It’s not that fans don’t like Corso. In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

The former Florida State player and GameDay mainstay missed a number of episodes last season due to ongoing health reasons.

That led to fans wonderig whether Corso was fit to continue to appear on the show. But co-host Rece Davis said that even at 87 (at the time), Corso was still razor sharp.

“I would encourage the people who were, perhaps, to use your word, unkind or cruel to reserve a little judgement,” Davis said. “He’s doing great. I speak to him regularly and this weekend in Columbus, I think you’ll see a much more comfortable environment and you’ll see him be able to deliver as he still does, which is remarkable. His mind is still razor-sharp at the age of 87. I should be so fortunate if I’m blessed enough to make it that far in my life.”

But some fans still need convincing, especially after Corso’s appearance on Saturday morning.

Corso is a legend of the show. So it’s easy to understand why ESPN would keep him around as long as he wants to be around. But it’s becoming difficult to watch.