Fantasy Football Loser Sent To Fargo, ND As Punishment But Returns A Legend After Wild Series Of Events

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  • Collins Moe, a Charleston local, was sent to snowy Fargo as punishment for losing his fantasy football league
  • Moe left the city a legend, returning to South Carolina with the story of a lifetime
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Collins Moe had no idea what to expect on his most recent trip to snowy North Dakota, but the Charleston, SC local returned home as the “King of Fargo.” This is an unbelievable story involving punishment, despair, redemption, and of course, fantasy football.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Like many sports fans in the US today, Moe is part of a fantasy football group consisting of close friends. And if you’ve ever joined one of these leagues, you may be familiar with the punishment that’s often dealt to the last place finisher.

These punishments differ in both form and severity.

There have been players forced to run track, get tattoos, or eat absurd amounts of chili dogs. Then, there’s the always popular 24-hour Waffle House challenge.

Well in this specific league, the loser must participate in what’s called a ‘fly rule.’

League members round up a cash prize that sends one (un)lucky member to some random destination of the winner’s choosing. That destination is often far from being a vacation stop, just ask BroBible’s own Cass Anderson.

And you guessed it. Collins Moe was this year’s big loser.

So, when Moe was sent to Fargo, North Dakota as punishment, he was… not prepared.

Not only does he get sent to an unfamiliar city where he knows no one, he’s not aptly dressed for the occasion. As a Charleston native, myself, I can relate. It rarely gets below freezing, let alone snows, and my closet reflects that.

Luckily, the Fargo locals offered a warm welcome.

One native, Rich McFarlane, overheard Moe chatting with someone on the plane ride about the fantasy punishment. He immediately burst out in laughter before later inviting Moe to join him at a North Dakota State basketball game over the weekend.

While at the game, a local reporter got wind of the trip. Mike McFeely posted the story to social media and Moe’s voyage took flight around town.

Soon, Moe was invited to the Fargo Force hockey game by the team, itself. Not only was he attending. He was dropping the ceremonial puck at center ice.

Moe returned home on Sunday following that wild series of events.

The trek, which was supposed to be a punishment, wound up being the trip of a lifetime. He may try to lose every year if the results end up like this.