Fantasy Football Player Must Endure Agonizing Waffle House Punishment In Back-To-Back Years

Fantasy football player Waffle House punishment

Getty Image / Matthew Stockman

Fantasy football is fun to play, but some of the punishments for coming in last place make it extremely entertaining. As long as it’s not you.

From getting bad tattoos to getting publicly humiliated, there is no telling what will happen when a person loses their fantasy league.

However, it sounds like one guy has to endure the exact same punishment two years in a row. He has to sit in a Waffle House for 24 hours yet again.

Here is Greg Harvey posting a poll question about the number of waffles he’ll eat, as each one consumed takes an hour off of his time.

This guy is spending his entire Sunday at a Waffle House because he sucks at fantasy football. The fact he’s doing this two years in a row is absolutely hilarious.

Here is his thread from just over a year ago about his experience.

This guy definitely has to be feeling like he’s in the movie Ground Hogs Day, right? Imagine being so bad at fantasy football you have to relive your 24-hour Waffle House experience all over again.

Oh well, at least he won’t be starving at least.